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ScutiX, a technology company that uses renewable energy to power its containerized data centres is a self scaling, eco-friendly provider of computing power. Combining large-scale solar, hydro and wind farms with mobile data centers we aim to fuel the stable and sustainable growth of "cutting edge” Industry 4.0 technologies.

Clean Energy
Pure Computing Power

Meet Scutix

The world needs computing power to fuel its rapidly increasing technological development. Our goal is to build a network of mobile data centres powered by local cost efficient, clean energy.


By 2050 the world will use twice as much energy as we do today. Most of this increase in demand will be driven by new technologies. Eco-friendly, reliable and competitively priced electricity is urgently required to power global technological development.


There is no doubt that Industry 4.0 technologies will bring great benefits to society. We therefore established ScutiX - a self-scaling, eco-friendly provider of computing power set to be the infrastructural backbone required for this new world.

Meet the
Scutix MCPU'S

The ScutiX mobile data centre solution, also referred to as mobile computing power units (MCPUs), are used to house a full range of HPC component combinations, depending on the specific needs of our clients.

The ScutiX MCPU


We are proud to be partnering with WIRSOL, one of the world's leading renewable energy producers. WIRSOL's engineering know-how has been gained from installing over 1,200 Megawatts (MWp) of power for use in high-end, cutting-edge technologies. The WIRSOL brand belongs to the WIRCON Group.


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